Dream Ticket Winners

Dream Ticket Winners widnesvikings.co.uk

7th February 2019

The winners of this week’s Dream Ticket draw have been announced!

Dream Ticket is a weekly lottery, in which supporters are entered into a series of cash-prize draws with £100 given away each weekday, £1,000 every month and a jackpot prize being offered annually. 

All of the money raised from Dream Ticket is put back into Widnes Vikings, including our Outstanding rated Academy programme. By subscribing to Dream Ticket, supporters can play a further part in supporting the Club.

Dream Ticket Winners Week 39                                                                               

                         65564     DAWN WALKER                         £100.00                

                         90853     LINDA HULME                            £100.00                                                          

                         05275     MRS D J NOLAN                         £100.00

                         20086     JANET PHEYSEY                         £100.00                                     

                         00882     JOHN BANNERMAN                   £100.00

To become part of the Dream Ticket, please contact Dave Rolt, Head of Commercial at Widnes Vikings, on daver@widnesvikings.co.uk or by calling 0151 495 2250.

Thank you for your continued support.

Dream Ticket Winners widnesvikings.co.uk