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22nd March 2018

Danny Craven has dished the dirt on his Vikings teammates in this feature first seen in the Club's One Club match day magazine.

The utility back is set for a starting role for the Vikings against Salford Red Devils tonight, and we caught up with him to ask the best and worst attributes about his fellow Vikings teammates...

See Danny's answers below...


Who are the best and worst dressed players at the club?

“Best dressed, I’d have to say Gil Dudson. Worst dressed is definitely Charly, he wears some shocking stuff - I think it must just be an Aussie thing! They all look like they get ready in the dark!”

Who has the worst taste in music?

“Burkey has some bad taste, he’s into all his wrestling music. Denis has some shocking choices as well!”

Who is the squad DJ after a game?

“This year after training, Krisnan has been putting his music on. But after games, Danny Walker has been taking charge of the team songs and really gets it going.”

Who is the most committed trainer at the club?

“Definitely Hep. He’s the best trainer by a mile. He always wants to better himself and leads by example on the pitch too.”

Who cares most about their appearance?

“Alex Gerrard. He shouldn’t be because he’s a prop, but he is all into his sunbeds, eyebrow waxing and hair gel!”

If you were stuck on a desert Island, which three players would be best equipped to help you?

“Certainly Hep. I’d probably take Gilly too because he’s a fisherman, and probably JJ, he’s always cracking jokes and would probably get you through a tough time like that.”

Which young players do you expect to have a breakthrough year at the club?

“Danny [Walker] will probably play a lot of games this year. Owen Farnworth looks good in training too. Keanan Brand is a big athlete, so when he grows into himself a bit more, he’ll be a great acquisition to the team.”

What is the best thing about being a Widnes player?

“I like playing with a bunch of lads who are great off the field as well. We can have a real laugh in training, but when we need to be serious, we get down to business and watch each-others backs on the pitch too.”


Tickets to see Danny and the rest of the lads take on Salford Red Devils are available to purchase right up until kick-off. Click here for full ticket details...

Danny Craven - Teammates widnesvikings.co.uk