Halton Stadium Update

Halton Stadium Update widnesvikings.co.uk

28th February 2018

Widnes Vikings have received correspondence from several supporters who have been advised by stadium staff that thermal flasks are not permitted to be brought into the Halton Stadium.

 The Club have addressed this issue with the Stadium Management team and are pleased to advise that this instruction has been amended.

 The following statement has been provided by the Stadium Ground Safety Officer:

 ‘HBC Ground Safety Team apologises for any inconvenience caused to spectators at the recent Vikings match over the issue of allowing flask of hot drinks into the stadium.

 As from the date of this press release flasks WILL be permitted in to the stadium on match days but the contents will be subject to checks by stewards in accordance with Counter Terrorism Police advice.

 This permission will be subject to review, should the need arise. The Stadium Safety Team continue to be ‘Alert and But Not Alarmed’ in terms of a terrorist attack and to thank all spectators for their continued support.’

Halton Stadium Update widnesvikings.co.uk