Business of the Week - Widnes Dry Cleaners

Business of the Week - Widnes Dry Cleaners

18th December 2017

During the off-season, Widnes Vikings will showcase a business that has pledged their support to the Club in the 2018 season. This week, meet Julie Fletcher, owner from our Business of this Week, Widnes Dry Cleaners...


So Julie, tell us a bit more about your business…

We are a family run dry cleaning business with two sites, the first is Smart Way Dry Cleaners in Penketh and the second is Widnes Dry Cleaners on the high street in Widnes. We do general laundry, ironing, wedding dresses, quilts, curtains and sport kits offering a collection service to the older generation in the area too. We also offer an alteration service, all done with a friendly welcoming smile! 

What, in your opinion, makes your company special?

I think that it’s because it’s a family run business. The seven of us that work here all get on really well. It’s not just a business to us and we pride ourselves on making it personal. An example would be that our drivers not only collect and drop off the laundry for our older customers in the area, but will often go above and beyond the call of duty, by regularly picking up some of their shopping on the way round too. 


What was it that got you first involved with the Vikings?

I’ve always followed the Club, going back to the days of Martin Offiah and Jonathan Davies. But as a business, it was Sherlock (Tim Holmes) coming to us regarding the first team kit. We got tickets for the games on the back of it which meant we got to know players and staff alike and I saw it as an opportunity to get further involved within the ethos of the club. 


You currently offer a 10% discount at Widnes Dry Cleaners on our Stronghold Membership, have you seen a benefit to that as a business?

It has been a real plus for the business. We now get plenty of Widnes fans bringing their laundry in to us on the back of the discount, so it’s been really beneficial to us as a company.


You have been player sponsors for the Club, for both Academy and first team players, how have you found that?

It’s been great, I currently sponsor Liam Walsh, Sam Wilde and Tim Holmes, along with Danny Walker for Smart Way Cleaners. 

They are all lovely. Liam has been great. For such a young man he has shown a lot of interest In us as a company and I am in regular contact with him.

In regards to Sam, we  first got talking to his parents during his loan spell last season as they were on our table in hospitality. Sam came across as a genuine nice person and it made us want to sponsor him as soon as he became a true Viking. 

Danny Walker being from Warrington, we decided that our Penketh shop and my husband would be a good match to sponsor him. He was superb last season for the Vikings and like Liam has been very interested in how he can help us as a business grow - even in Warrington!!

You’ve been Match Ball Sponsors and such for games in 2017, why did you continue to show your support despite the challenges last year?

We’re fans of the Club now and the club needs the support of local businesses to grow. Having said that, Dave Rolt played a big part in it. He was great with us and made us feel part of the club. Dave wins you over with his passion for  Widnes and what the club is doing within the local community. He always makes you want to get involved with the Vikings.

How would you reflect on your time involved with Widnes Vikings?

It’s been a great success for both parties. I’ve made a lot of friends and met some great people through the Club after getting involved. We now go home and away watching the Vikings on Jeannie’s bus and we’ll continue to do so in the future, hopefully watching the young lads we sponsor make themselves household names in Super League and push the Vikings to success!

Business of the Week - Widnes Dry Cleaners