Mick Cassidy Assesses Pre-Season

Mick Cassidy Assesses Pre-Season widnesvikings.co.uk

14th December 2017

Widnes Vikings Assistant Coach Mick Cassidy is pleased with the progress of the first team's pre-season after a session at Heaven v Hell Fitness, Standish.

Cassidy was speaking at the Standish gym, as the Vikings varied their pre-season training on Tuesday afternoon. 

Key Quotes

On the session down at Heaven v Hell Fitness, Standish - It’s been tough, and we wanted it to be tough. We talked to the guys down here about making it hard for us. At this part of the pre-season, everything we do needs to be done with intensity and that session certainly was that.

On changing environments during pre-season - When you’re in six days a week, and working with the guys every day, sometimes your voice can become a little monotonous so to have somebody run the session for us is fantastic and sparks enjoyment into the session.

On the pre-season so far - It’s been awesome. It’s certainly good to be working with the lads. We’ve upgraded a 6/7 young lads into the first team for pre-season, and it’s great to see them test themselves. It’s also good to see the older guys come back in and realise that this pre-season is intense and the focus to get better from day one.

Watch the full interview with Mick above.

Mick Cassidy Assesses Pre-Season widnesvikings.co.uk