Vikings Sign Five Year Extension With Halton Brough Council

Vikings Sign Five Year Extension With Halton Brough Council

6th December 2017

Widnes Vikings have signed a new five-year Stadium tenancy extension with Halton Borough Council. This new deal has committed the Club to their Halton Stadium home until 2022, and created exciting new commercial opportunities for both the Vikings and Halton Borough Council.

The agreement offers Widnes Vikings opportunities to generate new income, through extending the Club’s commercial inventory within the stadium. It has also seen commitment to improve the facilities within the Stadium, supporting better experiences for players, sponsors, supporters and commercial partners.  

James Rule, CEO of Widnes Vikings, says: “Both Widnes Vikings and Halton Borough Council have been working hard to develop a deal that finds common-ground and fulfils our shared aspirations. I am delighted that we have been able to achieve these goals in this new agreement which offers security of tenure and an opportunity for new revenue generation by the Vikings.

“Halton Borough Council recognise the importance that Widnes Vikings hold in the local community, and understand how vital it is that the club has a viable long-term home within Halton. This new deal reflects that commitment, and we hope will see us build a future of greater partnership working. It gives both the Council and the club the opportunity to make the most of the asset that the Stadium provides to both our organisations, and to ensure that we are supporting mutual success.

"We are looking forward to five more years at the Stadium, and we hope to cultivate a relationship that spans far beyond that.”

He adds, “I would like to thank Halton Borough Council, in particular Chris Patino, David Parr and Rob Polhill, for the role they have played in reaching this new position.”

Halton Borough Council Leader Rob Polhill commented: “I am pleased that through working together, we have reached a deal which means supporters will be able to continue following their team in our fantastic stadium, and a deal which brings security and opportunities for the Vikings and the Council. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the club -  and here’s to a successful future for the Vikings.”

Chris Patino, the Council’s Operational Director for Community & Environment, added: “I am delighted with the new long-term deal with the Vikings - this deal will give added security to the Vikings and will help the Stadium with its already excellent partnership with the Vikings and the RFL. The new opportunities can only help the Vikings realise their ambition to be a top six Super League club and in doing so will drive up gates and revenue for both the Vikings and the Stadium, enabling the Council to continue investing in an already world class facility.”

Vikings Sign Five Year Extension With Halton Brough Council