Anthony's Travel - Business of the Week

Anthony's Travel - Business of the Week

8th November 2017

During each week of the close-season, Widnes Vikings will showcase a business that has pledged their support to the Club in the 2018 season. Meet our Business of this Week, Anthony's Travel...

The Vikings Media team caught up with Richard Bamber at Anthony's Travel, to get the lowdown on their services and why they back the Vikings....


Richard, tell us a bit about your business...

Anthony’s Travel was established in 1985 and is a family owned business that was started by my father, Tony Bamber, my mother, Anne Bamber, and myself. We started with just one minibus over 30 years ago, but as time has gone on, the company has expanded and we are now a multi-award winning, Halton-based company, with a large fleet of vehicles.


What in your opinion, makes your company special?

Firstly, because we are family-owned, and also because we value our position in the community. We believe that we need to give something back and that is why we are support Widnes Vikings, and also heavily support local initiatives. 

We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality service with the best quality coaches. We also strive to offer a personal touch; people know what they’re dealing with and that’s what makes us special. 


What was it that got you involved with the Vikings?

Initially, it was through my father. He was a Widnesian through and through and was a dedicated supporter. When we first set up, he would take fans to games in the days when the Club was renowned as ‘The Chemics’.

We’ve got a long history with the Club. Even when we got our first answerphone installed, the very first message was from Jonathan Davies about using our services!

Our involvement has evolved, and we’ve grown to become the Club’s official travel partner, taking the taking the team to away fixtures throughout the season. 


Why do you continue to back the Vikings?

The Vikings are more than what they do on the pitch thirty-odd times a season. For me, it’s also about how they perform in the community for 365 days of the year, too. Their values fit perfectly with our philosophy. 

Widnes Vikings are brilliant at using sport to attract a wide range of supporters with different initiatives. Of course, we’re excited by what happens on the field but for us as a business, off-the-field results are just as key. Widnes Vikings excel at that and should be applauded for that.


You have been a player sponsor of Ted and Jay Chapelhow, how have you viewed that as a business?

It’s been brilliant! They are two local lads, and it’s great to see boys from the area come through the system. They really are great ambassadors for the Club, and are always happy to get involved with our initiatives. 

Both of them are now knocking on the door for first team places and it’s exciting for us to be involved in their journey.


How do you reflect upon your time as a partner of Widnes Vikings? 

One thing that sticks in my mind is when we sat down with James Rule, when he first took on the role of CEO. He told me about the vision he had for the Vikings and invited us as a business for us to get involved. The fact that everything James said in that meeting six years ago has happened speaks volumes. 

Widnes Vikings are true to what they believe in, and for us, there’s a great synergy between Widnes Vikings and Anthony’s Travel. We all want to see the local Club do well and we want to continue being a part of that.

Anthony's Travel - Business of the Week