Skin Deep Aesthetics - Business of the Week

Skin Deep Aesthetics - Business of the Week

19th October 2017

During each week of the close-season, Widnes Vikings will showcase a business that has pledged their support to the Club in the 2018 season. Meet our Business of this Week, Skin Deep Aesthetics…

The Vikings Media team caught up with Anne-Marie Hughes, Owner at Skin Deep Aesthetics, to get the lowdown on their services and why they back the Vikings....

So, Anne-Marie, tell us about your business…

Skin Deep Aesthetics offers non-surgical treatments to men and women who want to look more youthful, enhance their features and improve problematic skin and scarring. We also offer permanent hair reduction, fat reduction, body contouring, skin tightening, anti-ageing skin care, holistic treatments, nails, facials, acupuncture, plexr non-surgical eye lifts and mole/skin tag removal. 

What makes your company special?

I offer treatments in a safe, clinical and professional environment assessed and accredited by 'Save Face'. I have a BSc (Hons) Nurse Practitioner degree and I am an independent prescriber, so I do all of the injectable consultations and treatments myself, whilst my experienced therapists perform the other treatments. 

We encourage clients to 'own their beauty' and only to make improvements that make them feel better about themselves. We help to give people self confidence about the way they look. It is a priceless feeling! 

We also ensure that we educate and fully inform our clients on their options in a relaxed environment. 

What was it that got you involved with Widnes Vikings?

After being involved with the army for 23 years, I finally came back to the area and was able to go to games more frequently, and my passion for Widnes Vikings and rugby league was ignited once again. Following this, and after having attended match day hospitality and the End of Season dinner, I gaining some insight into the Club and its values - that encouraged me to sponsor a game, and players as I do today.

Despite the challenges in 2017, you continually pledged your support to the Club and the team…

Yes, it has been a very hard year for the players, the club and the fans. However, I recognise that we have been so unlucky with injuries, more so than any other Super League club. The players never gave up and those who could, despite many carrying injuries themselves, fought on. I wasn't giving up on my team. I feel miserable when we lose but the overall atmosphere and enjoyment I get from being involved in the club is worth the support I'm able to give. 

You have been a player sponsor of three players in 2017, has that been a success for you?

Yes, not only does it give me a sense of achievement for my own business, I also get the advertisement from announcements and increasing number of social media posts. 

I like to use my player appearances for charity events, so I get to see young children's excitement when a player shows up to a team presentation or game. I also get their shirts at the end of the season, which I have the option to raffle or auction them for charities close to my heart too. 

What inspires your loyalty to Widnes Vikings?

My loyalty stems back to being born in Widnes and being taken to games by my dad. For the past few years, I've been in a position to invest more into the club and gain more insight and interaction with those involved. This is something that I enjoy immensely, but I've also gained new clients from these investments.

Want to partner with Widnes Vikings?

Widnes Vikings are proud to deliver real value to their commercial partners. To find out how you can be part of the Vikings' commercial family, contact Dave Rolt, Head of Commercial: / 0151 495 2250


Skin Deep Aesthetics - Business of the Week