Team-Mates: Jay Chapelhow

Team-Mates: Jay Chapelhow

3rd October 2017

Jay Chapelhow spoke to the Vikings' Media Team for the 'One Club' programme to dish the dirt on his Vikings teammates!

Throughout the 2017 season, featuring in the Vikings' 'One Club' programme, we got our Vikings players to spill the beans on their colleagues - telling us the things they love about them and the things that get on their nerves! 

This time around, it's the turn of forward Jay Chapelhow. See Jay's answers below:  

How would your team-mates describe you in three words? Definitely ‘try-hard’, and the third would be keen!

Who is on their phone the most? I would say Alex Gerrard, he’s always checking his Instagram.

Vainest Viking? Alex Gerrard again!

Worst hairstyle? Charly Runciman, with his five all over.

Hardest trainer? Hep Cahill, he could literally train for hours on end.

Biggest joker? In this group, it would probably be Olly Ashall.

Who always has their headphones in? On game day, I would probably say me.

Fastest Viking? I’d say either Stefan Marsh or Ryan Ince, but it definitely would be a good race!

If you had to have a Viking alongside you in a fight, who would it be? Hep Cahill, easy answer.

Which team-mate would you least like to be stuck in a lift with? I’d probably go with Ed Chamberlain, he can be quite boring at times! 


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Team-Mates: Jay Chapelhow