Cahill Supports Scouts

Cahill Supports Scouts

9th August 2017

Hep Cahill hosted a special New Zealand cultural evening for 14th Methodist Widnes Scouts, introducing them to the foods and traditions of his home nation.

The event was organised by Scout Leader Rick Wakefield, who was inspired after seeing Hep give a Karakia, a traditional Maori blessing, at the Vikings 2016 End of Season Dinner. Rick planned the event with Hep and his wife, Mel, who were keen to share their cultural traditions with the young people.

Hep hosted a BBQ for the Scouts, where he introduced them to traditional Maori games, prayers and cultural practices. He also spent time answering questions about life in New Zealand. 

Hanna, member of the 14th Methodist Widnes Scouts, says: "It was an amazing evening. We were delighted that Hep gave us the opportunity to discover a new culture. I really enjoyed hearing the blessing of the food and learning more about his life in New Zealand. We are all very grateful to Hep and Mel for giving us this special experience."

Rick Wakefield says: "We were absolutely thrilled when Hep agreed to host this night for our members. Hep and Mel worked hard to make it a real night to remember, putting a lot of effort into planning the event. His support was really appreciated and is a great example of Widnes Vikings' commitment to its local community."

Hep Cahill says: "I really enjoyed spending time with the Scouts. It was a real privilege to be able to share the traditions of my home country with young people in Halton. I had a fantastic time and really enjoyed seeing how much the Scouts enjoy being part of their group. I'd like to thank them for welcoming us so warmly."

Cahill Supports Scouts