Delivered Health Solutions Transform Gym

Delivered Health Solutions Transform Gym

17th July 2017

Widnes Vikings put Official 2018 Partner, Delivered Health Solutions, to the test - challenging them to freshen up the player's Performance Centre.

Delivered Health Solutions are one of Britain's leading suppliers of infection control and prevention services. The Widnes-based company provides specialist cleaning products and services, as well as related training.

The company was put to the test by Danny Walker, who challenged them to deep clean the player's gym and improve its potent smell in just two hours! With the gym bearing all the signs of being in use seven days a week throughout the year, this would be no mean feat!

The Delivered Health Solutions team used their specialist products, including TECcare Control cleaning fluid, to lift the grime built up over years of hard work in the gym. 

They also used their Aeroguard 4s air purification system to kill bacteria in the air and remove odour. Using their leading equipment, Delivered Health Solutions measured the bacteria in the air reduce dramatically until it was completely clear. 

The results were incredible, with the team transforming the area in less than one afternoon. In the end, the challenge was judged by young stars Danny Walker, Keenan Brand and Lloyd Roby, who described the gym as now being "fresh, clean and better!".

A special video was produced to capture the challenge, where you can hear the Vikings stars hilariously describe how bad the pong in their gym was until Delivered Health Solutions transformed it.

The company has generously donated to the Vikings an Aeroguard air purifier and provided their leading products, to keep the gym clean all year round. 

Barbara Meeks, Managing Director of Delivered Health Solutions, says: "Widnes Vikings set us a big test, but we felt confident that we could pass it. Our company has significant experience in providing cleaning services and products to a range of sectors, including the health, leisure and sport industries, so we knew we could take it on."

"We are really proud of the results that we achieved and to have received such a positive response from the Vikings team. I hope that everyone enjoys watching our special film about the day. We're inviting other businesses to see what we can do and take on the Delivered Health Solutions Challenge."

Tim Holmes, Head of Player Welfare and Strength and Conditioning Coach at Widnes Vikings, says: "I was absolutely blown away when I entered the gym after Delivered Health Solutions's work. The place looked and smelt entirely different. It was so much cleaner and brighter it was almost like looking at it in HD!"

"It's so important that the players can train in a hygienic and clean environment, to avoid picking up bugs. Everyone in the Vikings playing and coaching team really appreciated their hard work."

Danny Walker says: "It was great fun putting Delivered Health Solutions to the test. I didn't expect that they could make such a big transformation and was shocked by how much they improved things. I've enjoyed meeting their team on a couple of occasions now, and I'm really pleased to hear that they've recently signed up as an Official Partner for 2018. On behalf of all the boys, I'd like to thank them for their great work."

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Delivered Health Solutions Transform Gym