James Rule writes to Members & supporters

James Rule writes to Members & supporters widnesvikings.co.uk

26th May 2017

Widnes Vikings CEO, James Rule, writes to supporters:

I want to take this opportunity to thank every Member and supporter who has backed the Vikings during what has been a challenging season. It is important that we stay united at times of adversity like this - put simply, your commitment to the Club is vital.

The contribution of our Members and supporters cannot be underestimated. Our players draw real inspiration and confidence from hearing and seeing you in the stands. Equally importantly, every supporter who comes to the game or invests in the club in any way plays a vital role in the growth and sustainability of the Vikings. 

At a time when we have faced an unprecedented number of injuries to our first team and struggled to find form, it can be tempting to stay away. I understand that, but in reality any reductions in our income restricts our ability to recruit both this year and next season.

In recent weeks, we've brought in Rangi Chase - a former Man of Steel. We've also secured contract extensions of five key players for the future - Jay and Ted Chapelhow, Ryan Ince, Lloyd Roby and Keanan Brand. Our ability to do this has only been made possible because the commitment of everyone who comes to the game, purchases a Membership, or who invests in some capacity into our club.

We are actively exploring new signings both domestically and internationally, whether as a loan or on permanent moves, to strengthen the Vikings for this season and the next. Our capacity to compete in the transfer market naturally depends upon the budget available to us. Thank you for staying with us and supporting this. Please encourage your friends to come to the game, and we'll protect and grow that fund.

This isn't the season that we wanted or expected. It has been hugely frustrating to see so much of our first team talent out with injuries, and to have to draw on almost 40 players at this stage of the competition. Please be assured, we remain committed and ambitious, and waint to bring pride to our local community through our game. We will continue to invest every penny we make back into the Club.

The investment in recent years into our Academy has been significant. The fact that we have been able to field 40 players is testimony to the Pathway we have developed. Many clubs would have struggled to do that. The young players who have stepped up this year should be very proud of their contribution. Their experiences will help them grow and ensure we have a very competitive squad when our senior players begin to return in the coming weeks. 

The vision for the Club is big and exciting, but it won't be realised overnight and to be candid it cannot and will not be realised without the support of our Members and supporters. Please remain united and committed to us, and we can punch through this adversity. 

Best wishes


James Rule writes to Members & supporters widnesvikings.co.uk