Space Bring the Big Hits to the Vikings

Space Bring the Big Hits to the Vikings

6th April 2017

Widnes Vikings are proud that the classic indie band, Space, will be providing entertainment at our upcoming Warrington Wolves fixture on Thursday 13th April. The band, who've sold more than two million albums worldwide and have had more than ten Top 40 singles, will be performing two greatest hits sets at the game - featuring anthems like Female of the Species, Neighbourhood and Avenging Angels.

The Vikings Media Team caught up with their lead singer, Tommy Scott, to discuss their upcoming greatest hits sets and life in the band.

 “I can’t wait, it’s going to be boss!”, Tommy enthuses. “The crowd will be up for a party with it being such a big game, and I know it’s going to be the same for us.”

Although he's new to Rugby League, Tommy is excited about experiencing our sport. “Widnes Vikings will definitely be our new favourite Rugby League team after we play. We hope everyone has a great time listening to us and joining in with the songs. We're going to put on a good show and we're definitely going to enjoy watching the game too.”

Space came into prominence in the 1990s, with some era defining songs. Despite their catalogue of hits and major appearances, Tommy says they still get nerves at playing such big events.  

“We played the Hillsborough concert at Anfield but this seems a bit scarier, especially with all the big rugby players and supporters!”, he jokes.

“We’ve only ever played at Anfield in terms of stadiums, so this would only be the second time in 20 years that we’ve done something like this. We’re buzzing!"

The band are enjoying a recent resurgence, featuring on the Radio 2 playlist and performing a packed tour.

“Most of the gigs we’ve done on this tour have been sold out, and it’s been great. We’ve got a new album coming out soon called “Give Me A Future”. We’re trying to build it back up, putting little albums out and trying to find our fans again." 

“We’re not naive, we’ve had our time but we’re enjoying what we’re doing, playing to our fans. Hopefully, our fans are enjoying the ride too.”

When asked about his favourite memories during his time with the band, Tommy had some incredible highlights.  

“One of them would have to be playing at Anfield for the Hillsborough concert, that was incredible. Another one would probably be going to America, being invited to the likes of Mike Myers’ house and having a jam with him in Beverley Hills. Top of the Pops was also brilliant as well!”

When asked what supporters can expect when they take to the stage, Tommy was clear that it'll be a fun and hit packed set.

“It’ll be the greatest hits set. We always give a good show and bounce around the stage! I hope we add to the big game experience."

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Space Bring the Big Hits to the Vikings