Don't Pay for the Opposition!

Don't Pay for the Opposition!

14th March 2017

Widnes Vikings now receive 25% commission on the away tickets that we sell to our supporters.

A recent change by the RFL has increased the revenue that clubs receive on the away tickets they sell, from the previous 10%.

When our supporters purchase their away tickets through Widnes Vikings, we will retain a quarter of the money from their sale, which will be invested back into the Club. Widnes Vikings receive no commission on any away tickets purchased on match day at the opposition's stadium.

We would like to encourage our loyal away supporters to buy directly through the Club. Tickets are available from the Vikings Superstore in the Widnes Tesco Extra store, and on: 0151 495 2250.

Thank you for your commitment to, and support of, Widnes Vikings.

Don't Pay for the Opposition!