Houston Goes To College

Houston Goes To College widnesvikings.co.uk

27th February 2017

What does it take to be a great leader on the field? The abilities to listen, observe and reflect are key. Vikings Co-Captain, Chris Houston, is sharpening these skills and planning for life after League, by studying for a counselling course at Riverside College.

"I've always been interested in people", explains Chris. "When I hang up the boots, I'd like to find a role that promotes people's wellbeing, so I jumped at the chance to study for this course. But it's also really beneficial for me in my role in our Leadership Group too.  I'm only a few weeks in and I'm already getting a lot from it."

Chris is sharing his excerpts from his study diary with our website. Catch up on his first two weeks at College...

"It feels good being back in the classroom, where people want to learn, better themselves and help other people.

Even though I'm used to the high pressure situations of big games, I actually I felt a bit nervous on my first day because I haven't studied for a while. I think maybe it was a sense of excitement as much as anything!

In the second class we started learning about the techniques and traits of good counsellors. We explored forming professional relationships, the importance of empathy and how to observe body language.

I picked up some great insights, like how open-ended questions, paraphrasing and summarising are all ways give clients clarity and help them to share their thoughts and feelings. It made me think about how often people ask a question but don't really take in the answer. This focus on active listening will really help me in my career as a player and in whatever I decide to do the future.

My role as a player involves solving problems and acting quickly. As a learning counsellor, being an active listener and showing empathy is a trait I am looking forward to working on. This course is really going to offer a lot."

It's never too late to study! Riverside College offers a brilliant courses to school leavers and adult learners. Find out more at: http://www.riversidecollege.ac.uk/ 

Houston Goes To College widnesvikings.co.uk