Runcorn Sky Try Festival

Runcorn Sky Try Festival

23rd February 2017

Schools from across Runcorn came to take part in a brilliant Sky Try Festival at the Select Security Stadium to celebrate the end of their sessions with the Club.

St Edwards Primary School, Halton Lodge Primary School, Beechwood Primary School and The Brow Primary School came to the home of Widnes Vikings to celebrate the conclusion of the 5-week Sky Try programme that had been delivered to their schools by the Vikings.

With the help of the Vikings Community staff and members of the club’s U19 squad overseeing the event as referees, the event was hailed as a roaring success. 

Danny Walker, player at Widnes Vikings, says: “It’s been really good seeing all the kids coming and playing well and hopefully learning lots of skills from the U19s here. I wish I had this experience when I was growing up so hopefully they can learn a lot start playing rugby at amateur level.

“It’s really important that the Club does these events, seeing the Community coaches at the Club teaching these kids about rugby league and hopefully keep them in our sport. “

Gemma Snell, teacher at Beechwood Primary School, says: “They’ve had an absolutely fantastic time. They have loved being a little bit competitive and letting their competitive streak go.”

“They have also loved consolidating their skills with Dan in their lessons they’ve had back at school. They have learnt so much and had an absolutely fantastic time.”

The Sky Try programme aims to make a difference by increasing the amount of viewers, spectators and participants to Rugby League, with the RFL viewing this as a great opportunity to develop and grow the sport.

Watch a video of the Festival from yesterday below:

Runcorn Sky Try Festival