Mick Cassidy reviews pre-season

Mick Cassidy reviews pre-season widnesvikings.co.uk

10th February 2017

Widnes Vikings assistant head coach Mick Cassidy has spoke to the Vikings Media Team about the Club's pre-season schedule ahead of the season opener against Huddersfield Giants.

Key Quotes 

Mick on the Club’s pre-season schedule - It’s been quite tough, obviously there’s been a couple of personnel changes and our squad is looking quite young. I think Bubble, (Chris Baron), has really tested them this year and has put them through their paces and to places they haven’t been before and it has really tested their mental strength.

On the WAKTU training camp - It was interesting, simple as that. What we talked about with WAKTU was putting the lads out of their comfort zone and testing them a little bit like getting them up in the middle of the night or taking them on hikes, up hills and carrying each other and seeing how they react and try and mirror what it’s like under pressure in a game and the lads have come through it really well.

On the Chapelhow twins - The two main guys that were going to see a lot of this year (from the youth talent in the squad) are Ted and Jay Chapelhow. Jay came through at the end of the year and did well, and in pre-season they have both showed they have stepped up to the mark. We always talk to players about pre-season being the place where everyone is at the same level, and you get opportunities to train harder and get above the senior players and that’s what they’ve done.

Watch the full interview with Mick Cassidy above.

Mick Cassidy reviews pre-season widnesvikings.co.uk