Leadership Group give their thoughts

Leadership Group give their thoughts widnesvikings.co.uk

26th January 2017

On Tuesday night, Widnes Vikings' Head Coach, Denis Betts, revealed that the Club will be led on the field by a four person Leadership Group. The Vikings Media Team caught up with the Group - Co-Captains, Chris Houston and Joe Mellor, and Vice-Captains, Aaron Heremaia and Tom Gilmore - to get their views on the big news. 

In this video feature, the players talk about their excitement at being given such an honour, their leadership qualities and their aspirations for success.

The appointment of the Leadership Group follows Denis Betts giving his players and coaches the opportunity to nominate players who they feel have the inspirational leadership qualities to lead the Club to success in 2017. The four selected players led the vote and were unanimously supported by coaches.

Key Quotes

Joe - “I’m really pleased to be co-captain with Chris, and I think it’s going to be a really good year. I’m really pleased to have Aaron and Tom supporting us in 2017 as well. I see me and Chris working well, I think everybody knows what example he sets on the field. Hopefully I can guide the team around the park with Aaron and Tom -  I think we’ll work great together."

Chris - “It’s an honour to be voted in by the boys for the Leadership Group. I have been involved with them throughout my career. I’ll be trying to help the younger guys develop into better players... It's about Aaron and I helping Joe and Tom become the next leaders of this team, as they’re going to be here for a long time.”

Aaron - “Obviously the players were picked by the players and coaching staff, and it’s a privilege... The relationship that we all have is great - there is a lot of banter during free time and we like spending time with each other. We’re a close-knit team."

Tom - “I think I’ve made it clear in the past that all I’ve ever wanted to do was play for Widnes Vikings, so getting into the first team and a starting shirt means a lot. Being in my position, I’ve got to be a leader, so I think it’s natural for myself to lead and be a bit vocal.”

Widnes Vikings take on Huddersfield Giants on Friday 10th February, in our season opener. Tickets for this game can be bought by calling 0151 495 2250 or by calling in at the Vikings Superstore, located within Tesco Extra, Widnes. Click here for prices and information.

Leadership Group give their thoughts widnesvikings.co.uk