Denis Betts on Leadership Group

Denis Betts on Leadership Group

26th January 2017

On Tuesday night, Widnes Vikings Head Coach, Denis Betts, exclusively revealed to attendees of our Season Launch Dinner and Stronghold Members our captaincy plans for the 2017 season. 

The Head Coach announced that the Club will adopt a four player Leadership Group. On the field, the Club will now be led by new Co-Captains, Chris Houston and Joe Mellor. They will be supported by Aaron Heremaia and Tom Gilmore, as Vice-Captains.

The decision follows Denis giving his players and coaches the opportunity to nominate players who they feel have the inspirational leadership qualities to lead the Club to success in 2017. The four selected players led the vote and were unanimously supported by coaches.

In this in-depth video interview, Denis describes how and why he selected the players, the qualities they offer to our team and his aspirations for 2017.

Key Quotes:

Denis on the Leadership group working together - “The Leadership Group binds the team together. They’ve got to be’s not just about words, it’s about actions too. It’s how they act and how they train. We’re really lucky we have a good group here and these are just four that are seen as inspirational." 

Denis on the Leadership Group emphasising the culture of the Club - “We’ve got a fantastic group of players that want to work hard, want to turn up and enjoy being here. Every single player in this group wants to get better individually and everybody wants to inspire everyone else."

Denis on the leadership qualities of Joe and Chris - “Chris is an inspiration. He’s a bloke that trains hard and does everything right every single day and wants to be a better player. He’s looked up to because of his experience - not just in Super League but in the NRL. He’s also durable, he played a lot last year and he’s going to be around the team." 

“Joe Mellor was growing in confidence for the last couple of years and he’s been that player that has been inspirational on the field. He needs to grow as a talker and an organiser, and has done that over the last couple of years.  It felt a nice mix to have a half that's controlling the team, works in the pack, works really hard and has the respect of the rest of the group.”

Watch the full feature interview above.

Denis Betts on Leadership Group