Vikings support RL Jersey Day

Vikings support RL Jersey Day

11th January 2017

Widnes Vikings will be supporting ‘Rugby League Jersey Day’ in support of the Danny Jones Defibrillator Fund. 

The event is to take place on Friday 26th May 2017, and asks members of the Rugby League community to wear their favourite rugby league jersey and make a suggested donation of £5 towards the cause.

Danny died following a cardiac arrest on 3rd May 2015 in a game between Keighley Cougars and London Skolars, having been substituted in the fourth minute after feeling unwell.

Danny's wife, Lizzie is now campaigning to raise funds to purchase defibrillators which can be placed in rugby league clubs and public places for immediate access in the event of a cardiac arrest which massively increases the chance of survival should the unfortunate happen in conjunction with effective CPR.

The defibrillators known as AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) cost around £1000 each and no training is required to use them, meaning that any person present can attach the device which gives it's own clear verbal instructions as the user goes through the process. The devices are also designed so that they cannot be used wrongly as they will not deliver a shock to a patient in cardiac arrest unless it is suitable to do so.

The people behind the campaign are Graham Berry and his son, Andy Lavanchy, who are trying to raise money for the brilliant cause but also raise awareness of cardiac failure amongst adults and the vital need for more AEDs.

Graham Berry, says: “It’s a very rugby league oriented way of raising money for a brilliant cause,” he said.

“In light of Danny’s death, not all club’s had defibrillators, therefore Lizzie set it up in Danny’s honour.

“What we are trying to do is increase the awareness around it all, and it literally could be the difference between life and death. As Danny’s unfortunate death shows, even the fittest person can suffer from a cardiac arrest, so ensuring that all club’s have defibrillators is of vital importance.”

“We hope that rugby league fans will get involved with this event and wear their favourite jerseys, both old and new, in May and help get behind a wonderful cause.”

Other events are to be announced in the near future in support of jersey day in association with Rugby Street, a sportswear manufacturer who are producing promotional rugby shirts for the campaign, along with some big names from the world of rugby league who are in the hat as potential ambassadors and figure-heads both in the UK and Australia.

The rugby shirts are going to be red, white and green in colour to represent Danny's club and national colours and will be adorned with the number 6.

2017 also represents Keighley's 80th anniversary of their only Challenge Cup Final appearance in 1937 and the shirts will also be emblazoned with a traditional badge, the DJ Fund emblem and the Wembley date as a commemoration.

Anyone wishing to take part in Jersey Day 2017 can make a donation via PayPal to and enquiries can be made to the same email address. Details of other fund-raising events in support of Jersey Day will also be announced in due course and details of how to purchase commemorative rugby shirts will appear on the Facebook pages, Rugby League Shirts Buy Sell Swap and Rugby Street Ltd or

Any companies or organisations wishing to support the event can make a donation to have advertising space on promotional jerseys and their name used in association with the event by enquiring via the same email address.

Vikings support RL Jersey Day