Game Changer Testing

Game Changer Testing

20th December 2016

Testing for Widnes Vikings' Game Changer was completed last Friday at St Michael's Primary School, with the children displaying positive effects from the programme.

The 'Game Changer' initiative is working across 36 primary schools in Halton across the 2016/17 academic year, targeting over 3,000 children. Delivered across a 24-week monitoring period, boys and girls in years 2–4 will receive 12 weeks of focused support from Vikings coaches and players through completing a combination of practical fundamentals, multi skills, and multi sport activities and classroom activities based around healthy eating.

The ‘Game Changer’ is the result of a strategic collaboration between Widnes Vikings and the Cheshire and Merseyside Women’s and Children’s Services Vanguard, 'Improving ME' whilst delivery is supported by a range of partners including Halton BC, Halton CCG, Sopra Steria, and LJMU Public Health Institute.

The Vikings have been to St Michael's for a number of weeks delivering this programme, to which the children have positively engaged with it throughout the sessions. As a result of Game Changer, the school now does a 'Mile Run', in order to promote a healthy lifestyle even further. 

Claire Patino, Y2 Teacher at St Michael's, said: "The children are engaged with the Game Changer programme, and are always really excited and look forward to a visit from the Vikings," she said. 

"You can see the influence the programme is having as when we are teaching healthy eating through our curriculum and in class, the children are linking it back to Adam and the Game Changer sessions.  

"The programme has been delivered to a high standard and showed through the children's enjoyment, engagement and understanding of the healthy concepts and how to live a healthy lifestyle. We look forward to working with the Vikings on future projects."

Adam Daniels, Health and Physical Activity Coach at Widnes Vikings, says: "It's been great to see the enthusiasm from the children at St Michael's throughout the programme," he said.

"We can see just by looking at the children during the sessions that they are enjoying taking part and really taking on board what we're trying to promote. Once the results have been analysed, I hope that they coincide with what I believe to be a successful Game Changer programme at St Michael's Primary School."

Game Changer Testing