'Eat Like A Pro'

'Eat Like A Pro' widnesvikings.co.uk

15th December 2016

Widnes Vikings' 'Eat Like A Pro' initiative is proving to be a real success in schools as part of the Game Changer project supported by the Improving Me Vanguard.

The sessions, which are delivered with long term partners, the Halton Health Improvement Team, promotes the benefits of healthy eating to those on the 'Game Changer' programme, and is taught to school children from each year group that takes part in the sessions.

The aim is to help teach students and parents about the benefits of a healthy eating through a number of workshops, and being engaging towards the children to ensure that key messages are promoted throughout the sessions. 

Adam Daniels, Healthy and Activity Coach at Widnes Vikings, says: "This initiative is a great one that can compliment the work that we are trying to do in the Game Changer programme," he said.

"Whilst we are teaching the children about physical exercise and getting them active on the playground, the Halton Health Improvement Team are helping them to learn about the pros and cons of a healthy eating."

Lisa Taylor of Halton Borough Council says: "'Eat like a Pro' is the healthy eating element of the “Game Changer Programme” delivered by Halton’s Health Improvement team.

"'Eat like a Pro' has been really well received in the schools that we have ran the session in to date. The programme is very interactive, featuring 'Tommy' the Super League rugby player and the children can help Tommy make healthier choices in what he eats and drinks.” 

'Eat Like A Pro' widnesvikings.co.uk