'Player' programme helping participants

'Player' programme helping participants widnesvikings.co.uk

29th November 2016

The 'Player' programme, which deals with those with mental health issues, is having positive effects on those that are attending the sessions. 

The 'Player' programme, which is delivered with Halton Clinical Commisioning Group (CCG), Mind Halton and 5 Boroughs every Friday night from the Halton stadium, is a project using physical activity as a supportive tool to engage adults with mental health issues. ‘Player’ uses sport as the hook to support the development of new social networks for the participants.

Following the session in which participants are put through their paces, they will come back together to meet for a coffee after the session as a social event. 

Geoff, a participant of the 'Player' programme, says: "I'm finding it really good and I enjoy coming because I feel better when I leave and after I’ve done exercise," he said. 

"The staff are nice, and Adam is very good at what he does. For me, it is good to get out of the house and exercise and if it was an option I would do this twice a week. The tea and coffees after the session help you open up a bit more to the people there and it was good for me as I was stuck in the house at night."

Another attendee of the 'Player' programme, Paul, says: "I feel on a high and feel really good, like I could lift the world," he said,

"I like the adrenaline of it but I love all of it; the exercise, and the stretching is fun. I love a good cup of tea and a natter and a joke after the session. I've got more energy and I’m more confident, and I agree with Geoff and wish it was twice a week, or every day!

"Getting picked on can knock you down but 'Player' helps you to speak out more and feel like you’re with mates here."

Dan, a third participant at 'Player', says: "They train us too hard! But joking aside they help me with motivation, They're giving me bigger muscles and they make it great to be about the place," he said.

"This programme has inspired me to do park run. I’ve done that for 15 weeks now. I also like talking and socialising, plus there's no worries about others and what they think because it’s so chilled."

'Player' programme helping participants widnesvikings.co.uk