Two students win Enterprise Challenge

Two students win Enterprise Challenge

2nd December 2016

Two students from the Vikings Learning Centre have won the Enterprise Challenge set by Andrew Edwards, founder of 2017 Vikings first team sponsors MadAbout Media, and have been given £250 to kickstart their idea. 

The objective of the Vikings Learning Centre, through its partnership with Riverside College and the Rank Foundation, is to offer an alternate, inspiring route for local young people to achieve qualifications, and access support to progress onto further education, employment or enterprise opportunities. Since its inception in September 2015, over 70 people have accessed provision which is based from the Halton Stadium.

The students were tasked with coming up with an idea that can generate money during their time in the Vikings Learning Centre in order to donate their profits to Community Integrated Care and the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation. 

Each pairing of students had to pitch their idea in a 'Dragons Den' style environment to Andrew and Liam Clark, Education Officer at the Vikings, in an attempt to try and be the pair that wins the money to kickstart their idea. 

After some brilliant ideas, that included fun days and Healthy Eating stalls, Adam and Liam decided that the winning pair were to be Anna Parsons and Matthew Gainford. Their idea is to involve a weekly fitness club, intertwined with the Club's Game Changer programme, whilst trying to raise a profit for Community Integrated Care and the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation.  

As a result of winning the challenge, they were given a £250 start up fee from Andrew in order to get their idea up and running, whilst the students were also given £250 between them as a prize for winning the challenge.

Andrew Edwards, founder of MadAbout Media, says: "It's been really good to be involved today," he said.

"A lot of them have thought outside the box and took an idea and run with it, and some have looked at previous ideas and wondered how they can enahnce it and make it better.

"They've shown a lot of initiative and a few that have never worked together before and shows their skills in both an entreprenual sense as well as their people skills throughout this challenge."

Andrew was quick to praise Anna and Matthew for their idea and believes it is one that will be easy to put into practice. 

"The incentive we came up with for the challenge was to make the most money for the two charities on the children's kit, and their idea seemed ideal," he said.

"So if you factor in that their idea is going to cost next to nothing to implement and the fact they have been given £250 as a kickstart means they are already making a profit for both charities can only bode well as their idea falls into place."

Liam Clark, Education Officer at Widnes Vikings, says: "There was a lot of great ideas but I believe that Anna and Matthew were the right winners of the Enterprise Challenge," he said.

"The thought that went into their idea was clear to see, and it was a well-thought out and detailed pitch to myself and Andrew. They work well in a team and their presentation was clear and concise, and the fact their idea doesn't take much start up money to get off the ground, it was the correct decision.

"I look forward to seeing how the whole group now come together and putting the idea into practice over the coming months."

Matthew Gainford, winner of the Enterprise Challenge, says: I was over the moon to win the challenge," he said.

"Me and Anna are both so intrigued and excited to see how our idea plans out, I think for us to make profit would have to be down to how our class performs as a team to make sure we can work to our best ability.

"I'm going to the USA for Christmas. So I'll see what I can get over there with the money that I've won from the challenge!"

Two students win Enterprise Challenge