Vikings promote Anti-Bullying throughout Borough

Vikings promote Anti-Bullying throughout Borough

17th November 2016

Widnes Vikings have been helping schools across the Borough understand the effects of Cyber Bullying as they promote #AntiBullyingWeek.

The Cyber Bullying sessions are in conjunction with the Healthitude programme and the Halton Health Improvement Team at Halton Borough Council. 

Community staff at the Vikings have been out to numerous schools including the likes of Murdishaw West and Spinney Avenue Church of England Primary School with classes for students to actively take part in and understand the effects behind cyber bullying in a way that is engaging for pupils. 

Liam Clark, Education Officer at Widnes Vikings, believes these sessions are vital and are being well received by pupils of all ages.

"It's apt that it is 'Anti-Bullying Week' as we are keen on promoting the effects that cyber bullying can have on young people," he said.

"Hopefully with the help of our sessions in schools, and the messages we are trying to put across, we can promote Anti-Bullying further across the Borough, and hope that it can help out those who are or have unfortunately had to experience from bullying. Our sessions are conducted in a way that are helpful and informative and hopefully the messages we are conveying have been well receieved."

Eileen O'Mara, Director of Public Health at Halton Borough Council, believes these programmes are essential for the children of the Borough to understand in order to promote Anti-Bullying.

"The cyber bullying programme is part of the wider Healthitude programme offered to all schools in Halton by the Health Improvement Team," she said.

"It aims to build children and young people’s mental and emotional resilience and their ability to confront and reduce online bullying. The Vikings have created a programme that engages young people’s imagination and really drives home the message that cyber bullying is unacceptable, and that there is help available if you experience any form of online bullying."

Vikings promote Anti-Bullying throughout Borough