Andrew Edwards creates Enterprise Challenge

Andrew Edwards creates Enterprise Challenge

18th November 2016

In celebration of #GlobalEntrepreneurshipWeek, new 2017 Main Partner MadAbout Media have taken their support of Widnes Vikings one step further today through sponsoring a new 'Enterprise Challenge' for young people involved in the Vikings Learning Centre.

The objective of the Vikings Learning Centre, through its partnership with Riverside College and the Rank Foundation, is to offer an alternate, inspiring route for local young people to achieve qualifications, and access support to progress onto further education, employment or enterprise opportunities. Since its inception in September 2015, over 70 people have accessed provision which is based from the Halton Stadium.

The new 'Enterprise Challenge' will offer participants the following opportunity:

  • Participants will work in pairs to develop their own enterprise ideas with the target being to raise £1,000 for charity.
  • The winning pair will receive a £500 prize sponsored by MadAbout Media. From this, £250 will go towards activating their idea, with the other £250 being split between them as a prize fund.
  • The whole group will then come behind the winning idea to help activate it. With the winning pair at the helm, this has great development opportunities for leadership, team work and communication skills.
  • The money raised will then be split between the Cathie Stankevitch Foundation and Community Integrated Care.
  • The Viking Learning Centre will run three Enterprise Challenges across the next year.

Speaking after giving an exclusive talk to Viking Learning Centre participants, founder of MadAbout Media, Andrew Edwards spoke of his delight at being able to back the Vikings in their quest to support young people develop entrepreneurial skills.

“I am excited at being able to offer this challenge to those in the Vikings Learning Centre,” he said.

“I am now in a position where my business is financially secure and I feel like I want to give something back. Supporting the Vikings commercially is great but I really wanted to support the work they are doing in the community. I want to teach by example and I see myself in these young people involved in the programme so I want to offer my hand in terms of helping them out.”

Andrew has said he can relate to those people on the course and feels like offering this enterprise challenge can be just the right incentive for the students to get stuck in to.

"Sometimes with young people, they need something to properly focus on, and I was the same when I was their age," he said.

"I left school with not the best qualifications and then went from dead end job to dead end job, and I was bored to be honest with you. The money was rubbish and I knew I needed to find something that I enjoyed doing, which is where I am at now. 

"I tried quick rich schemes, all the standard things you try when you don't know what to do with you life, and then when I found what I loved doing, there was no looking back. If this challenge can help the students in the Vikings Learning Centre focus their minds and help them see what they want to do in life then it's a job well done."

Richard Munson, Community Integrated Director at Widnes Vikings has told of his pride of the continued efforts that the Vikings Learning Centre does.

"As a club we are really proud of the work of the Vikings Learning Centre," he said.

"Led by Liam Clark, over 50 people have accessed a range of support which includes both accredited qualifications and needs led personal development opportunities whilst our new learner cohorts are now in place.  I would like to thank Andrew Edwards and Madabout Media, who have shown great commitment to what we are trying to achieve with these young people by backing this 'Enterprise Challenge' which I am sure will inspire our participants to think about business in a different way. "

Andrew Edwards creates Enterprise Challenge