2017 Home Kit

2017 Home Kit widnesvikings.co.uk

6th November 2016



Widnes Vikings today (Sunday) release a sneak preview of the Vikings all new 2017 Home Kit.

The design was subtly released to the Clubs Members via its official social media channels as part of a launch video featuring Vikings Star Winger, Corey Thompson.


In the one minute slapstick film, Thompson is seen sitting at the head of the Widnes Vikings boardroom as a team of Marketing Executives pitch their ideas to him about how they think the kit should be launched – none of which appear to excite or inspire an apathetic Corey.


Thompson was thrilled to play his part in the launch film:


“It was pretty cool doing something new especially with the rain machine and the mud. I’ve never done anything like this, like a commercial based ad for a jersey launch so it was really cool. I was a bit nervous at the start with all the cameras crews and lighting, I didn’t know what to expect but I really enjoyed it. Everyone who took part made the whole experience really fun.


“It’s not so much fun standing out in the rain when it’s already 5 degrees so when they turned the rain on it made it even worse. Standing there when the paint was getting thrown at me wasn’t great either because if it didn’t get thrown perfect the first time we had to redo it and stand there again and do it a second time.


“It took me a couple of days to get the paint out of my ears and mud out of my eyes and mouth but as a whole the experience was fun and enjoyable so I would definitely do it again. They chose the biggest bloke at the Club to do the tackling (Dan Norman) which wasn’t good for me but, you know, the big fella has got a soft side and didn’t go too hard on me.


“The kit is very nice and certainly traditional.  I think we have got a great design for next year. Hopefully it will bring us a bit of luck which I think is what we needed in the 2016 season. I think if a bit of luck had gone our way in some of those games we could have been right up there in the top four.


“I think the Club has done a great job of incorporating a bit of heritage in this year’s jersey so hopefully all the Members go out to the team store and get their shirt with whatever players they want on the back and come to as many games as they can to support the boys. When the fans get cheering and yelling it’s surprising how much it lifts the team, especially when they’re struggling.


“I just really enjoy running out at the home ground and hearing everybody sing the songs and getting behind us. Hopefully we can make our home ground a bit of a fortress and win some more games at home next year.


“My Brother and my Mum will have a laugh back home but they will really enjoy it. My Mums a Stronghold Member and lives in Australia. She will definitely be ordering a jersey and renewing her Stronghold for next year.


The clips have been released with four alternative endings showing Corey ‘Ready For Anything’...Almost!

Paint The Town

In Ya Face

Hard Hitting

Let it Rain

The official launch of the 2017 home kit will be on Tuesday 8th November when the Club will release further images and sizing/pricing information.


2017 Home Kit widnesvikings.co.uk