Chemics Café once again a huge success

Chemics Café once again a huge success

7th November 2016

The monthly Chemics Café was another hit as Widnes legend Jim Mills attended the event on Wednesday morning. 

The Chemics Café is a unique free monthly event that aims to support people who live with dementia and their loved ones, by giving them practical advice as well opportunities to socialise, have fun and reminisce about special Widnes Vikings moments.

Based at the Halton Stadium, memorabilia and programmes donated by supporters though the partnerships ‘Give Memorabilia, Create Memories’ campaign were spread across the room, whilst the attendees at the event were greeted with many trophies from Widnes’ history; including the famous 1989 World Club Champions trophy that was won over 27 years ago this week.

Jim Mills attended the event and spoke of his delight at being involved in an event as beneficial as this one to the attendees.

"It really has been a brilliant day," he said.

"For the people with dementia that attend this programme, it's a terrible disease, but you can see when they come here that they have all enjoyed their time here, have a nice cup of coffee and a laugh together and it must really help them."

Jim also believes Chemics Cafe is vitally important to everyone that comes along, and it is a programme that is having a positive effect on people. 

"This programme is massively important, as people can be affected by the disease more than people realise," he said.

"So when they come here, you can see it’s the highlight of their week with the smiles on their faces, it gives them a lot of pleasure and brings back memories of days gone by that is still there in the back of their minds and just talking them today has made them smile a lot."

Jim sat and spoke around the room with a range of people, and spoke about his Widnes days with fondness, and was impressed by the amount that people remember about him and the teams he played in. 

"There’s a few people here that can remember my time here better than I can, so that's a plus for them," he joked.

"But being serious about it, it has been brilliant to come along today and it has brought up some memories. It's a bunch of lovely people, sat together having a good times and I think this sort of event does them a whole lot of good and long may this programme continue."

Chemics Café once again a huge success