2014 Membership

New Members Price List for 2014 season

Non-Stronghold (Per Match) Non-Stronghold (Per Match) Stronghold Membership (Per Season) Stronghold Membership (Per Season)
Category Advance Price Matchday Price Price Freeze until 21st Dec 2013 Standard Membership Prices
ADULT (STANDARD) £20 £23 £199 £214
ADULT (SILVER) £28 £31 £259 £274
CONCESSION (STANDARD) £13 £16 £139 £154
CONCESSION (SILVER) £22 £25 £189 £204
JUNIOR (STANDARD) £10 £14 £85 £85
JUNIOR (SILVER) £14 £17 £129 £129

Reward Packages

Gold Reward - purchase by Sept 30th 2013 

Attend the Magic Weekend for FREE

£10 Vikings Gift Voucher

10% Vikings Superstore Discount Card

1 Free Ticket to bring a friend to a Super League Fixture


Silver Reward - purchase by Nov 15th 2013 

Attend the Magic Weekend for FREE

£5 Vikings Gift Voucher

1 Free Ticket to bring a friend to a Super League Fixture


Bronze Reward - purchase by Dec 21st 2013 

£10 Vikings Gift Voucher

1 Free Ticket to bring a friend to a Super League Fixture

Buying Your Ticket

To make an advance payment to renew/apply for your membership please contact the Club on: 0151 495 2250 and press Option 1 for General Enquiries.

All offers available if purchased before the stated end date. T&C's apply.

All savings are calculated against 2014 Matchday Prices

Vikings introduce new Stronghold ‘Silver’ and ‘Bronze’ Reward Packages

The end of September saw the end of the ‘Gold Reward’ Benefits Package for people taking out new Stronghold memberships, or renewing their Stronghold membership for the 2014 season.

The Club have been delighted with the uptake from their fan-base, and Vikings CEO James Rule, commented: “We have never before seen the scenes as we have in the last few weeks, here in the Vikings’ office. The phones have literally not stopped ringing and the office has been constantly full of fans renewing their memberships, or taking out a membership for the first time. As we have said previously, it is still too early to know whether we will enter the 2014 season with more Stronghold members than we had at the end of 2013.

“However, we can use the end of the ‘Gold Reward’ period to provide context to our sales to date, set against this time last year. Comparing the sales figures of advanced memberships taken out from August 2nd until the end of September, we can confirm that we are 87% UP on the sales that took place between October 4th 2012 and the end of December 2012. Obviously we are delighted that in eight weeks of sales, we are 87% UP on what we did in twelve weeks of sales last year.

“When you look at our total number of advanced memberships that were taken out last year, you must also consider January. Comparing our sales up until the end of September against the sales that took place from October 4th 2012 through to the end of January 2013, we are 18% UP on that overall figure.

“This shows that we are building some wonderful momentum. Obviously within these figures there is a good proportion of new memberships, but the vast majority are fans converting from a direct debit membership and into an advance membership. The figures look fantastic but we will only truly know where we are when we see the final figure at the end of December.


Prize Freeze

“When the 2014 Stronghold strategy was launched in August, we announced that we would be freezing prices for all existing members until the end of December. We have now decided, due to the unprecedented demand for new memberships and conversions from direct debit to advance memberships, that we will extend this price freeze for all members, both existing and new, until 21st December. (Please note: this is earlier than the originally announced date of 31st December).

Following 21st December, all prices will increase. (Please see the table above):

“We recognise that not all of our supporters have the financial means to make such an early commitment, as those that took out the ‘Gold Package.’ We have therefore today launched both a ‘Silver’ and ‘Bronze’ Reward Package.”


‘Silver Reward’ Package

In addition to the Price Freeze, any supporter who renews or purchases a new advance membership, by close of business on Friday 15th November 2013, will be entitled to a ‘Silver Reward’ package. That will include; 1 Free Ticket to bring a friend to a Super League fixture, a £5 Vikings Gift Voucher and a Magic Weekend Ticket.

From 16th November 2013 any supporter who renews their membership or purchases a new advance membership before close of business on Saturday 21st December, will be entitled to the ‘Bronze Reward’ package.


The ‘Bronze Reward’ Benefits Package will include: 1 Free Ticket to bring a friend to a Super League fixture, and a £10 Vikings Gift Voucher.

*Please note that fans are only entitled to one Benefits Package per membership, depending on the time period in which it was purchased.


James Rule added: “It is a wonderful time to be around the Club. There is a real buzz of anticipation building for next season. I sincerely hope the momentum that we have seen throughout August and September continues throughout the remainder of our off-season, and that we will be in a position to announce genuine growth in our Stronghold membership for next year.

“I wish to thank all the supporters who have made the commitment to take out an advance membership. As we announced in the original consultation, this is of huge benefit to the Club and it allows us to budget far more effectively, which is particularly relevant with the introduction of the 50% rule. For our supporters that are not aware, this rule will come into place for the 2014 season and RFL rules dictate that we will only be able to spend 50% of our turnover on player wages. Therefore, the more advance memberships we have – the easier it is, to determine what our turnover will be in 2014.

“We do not know where our memberships will finish, but what we can say is that we have never experienced such an intense and exciting period of renewals and sales of new memberships. This has given me the confidence to investigate with Denis Betts how we can further strengthen our squad for 2014.”


Match day Prices in 2014

All general admission prices (advance and match day) will be increased by £1 in every category for the 2014 season.


Click here for full terms and conditions

Mechanism for purchasing

Please note; to make an advance payment to renew /apply for your membership please contact the Club on: 0151 495 2250 and press Option 1 for General Enquiries.

All memberships can be purchased and processed via the above contact details however new members will only receive their stronghold cards after 1st October 2013.


Vikings Superstore Tesco Retail 

Only individuals who are joining the stronghold for the first time can purchase via the store and your stronghold card will follow at a later date prior to the 2014 season.

If you are continuing to fulfil your subscription by direct debit payments, no further action is required.